What is Seriously Serial Writing?

All subscribers receive multiple posts each week from a published thriller author who wants to share his work, articles, photography and writing experiences with readers. This newsletter is a way for readers to engage with the author, ask questions, and read new scenes of his work now instead of waiting for new books to be published. It is also a way for readers to give feedback on the author’s current work.

Authors use Beta Readers to provide insights into their completed work prior to calling it done and entering the editorial phase of production. It is my hope that I can gain some feedback about my current fiction projects via this newsletter over time.

I also enjoy travel and will write and share travel articles on this topic. If there’s a place subscribers like to travel I hope they will comment and share that destination.

Why subscribe?

This is a place where I share my writing, photography, and articles about travel.

It is my intention for this newsletter to become a place you will visit to read, relax, connect, and unwind for a few short minutes out of your busy week. This is an escape from the negativity we all are bombarded with daily.

Why Should I Sign Up?

Seriously Serial Writing sends out bits of fiction, and non-fiction articles once or twice a week.  Each piece of fiction contains a small dose from the imaginary world to read during your busy day. The articles will feature an ongoing series about travel that will feature local getaways, International trips, trip ideas, and areas of the world I’ve discovered and someday hope to visit. Occasionally I’ll share shorts bits of fiction I’ve written in the past and hope to someday turn into full-length novels.

If It’s Free, Why Should I Sign Up as a Paid Subscriber?

At this level, subscribers will get to interact with me on a whole new level as I write and send out weekly segments of an ongoing serial fiction story.  Right now I’m working on FLIGHT which is a continuation of the thriller series I published in 2014 & 2015.  Each week I’ll send out a new segment of the book for these subscribers to read, ask questions about, or just comment. If you miss a week, you can go back and read as much or as little as you’d like.

All authors cherish good strong feedback about what a reader likes and dislikes about their writing. As a paid subscriber all comments will be replied to.

In addition, I’ll provide commentary about how I came up with the story, story research notes, and backstory on the main characters, etc. All the things readers want to know but are rarely given because the author is busy writing the next piece.

I’ll also share writing and reading websites, book reviews, and updates on the publishing industry.

When an author publishes a novel many times they invest some of their own money on marketing. (This is now becoming more of a norm.) If they self-publish their work, like I did my first two books, the author invests in an editor, book cover designer, proofreader, and someone to format their completed manuscript into the final ebook & paperback versions.

About the author:

Bryan has been writing professionally since 2010.  He published his first thriller novel, Vengeance, via Writers Cabin Press on March 18, 2014.  His second book, Sabotage, was published December 12, 2015.  (Both books are for sale on Amazon in both eBook, and Paperback versions here.)  He has sold chat fiction stories to companies here and abroad, and he has written serial fiction stories as a Select Program member for Radish Fiction. He just completed book number 3, a stand-alone thriller staring Darian Locke, and is now sharing book 4, FLIGHT, with paid subscribers of this newsletter as he writes it. Bryan’s Offical Author Website is located here.

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