When it rains Writers Create.

Here's a bit of what I'm working on right now.

Here in Colorado, it rained all last night after a sunny weekend. Today the skies are grey and it’s cold out. When it rains or snows, unless I’m up skiing, I usually stay inside, drink coffee, and write. This morning I’m working on my latest stand-alone mystery thriller, THE INTRUSION, which I’ve been rewriting on and off since January.

In this book, Darian Locke attends a dinner party at the Dehaloren Colorado home of his older brother Preston. The brother and his fiance, Adriana, originally threw the party with the intention of telling everyone about their wedding plans. But because of a series of events they never got the chance to make their big announcement. The next morning Darian wakes up and goes looking for Preston and Adriana. They don’t seem to be around, but what he finds instead forever changes his life.

When I last rewrote the book I spooned out much of the detail that Darian uncovers in the second half of the book through the exhibition of the facts, which is more telling than showing. When a reader is enjoying a mystery thriller it’s a far better experience for them if the author shows them the story rather than telling it to them.

This past weekend I started thinking about a new, and I hope, much better way to end the book. I also came up with another big twist at the end.

So now I’ve been outlining the chapters that need to be re-written. Next, I’ll print out the last 90 pages of the book, read it, and make redline notes on the hard copy for the new ending.

Then I’ll rewrite the last third of this book.

When I’m 100% good with it I’ll send it to my editor. Then after the edits are finalized, which is lots of back and forth between the editor and author, the manuscript will go to the proofreader.

If an author has rewritten the book multiple times, which I always do, then sometimes the edits don’t take as long.

Then the book will be formatted and the cover design will take place. When books are published there are covers for the ebook, paperback, and hard copy versions which are all different in size.

While the covers are being designed I’ll put together my back cover blurb and start writing marketing copy for the new book. At this time I’ll probably already be working on the next book.

If you have questions about my process or anything else please do ask.

In case you’re wondering Dehaloren is a fictitious town south of Denver that’s perched on a reservoir and is the setting for the beginning of THE INTRUSION.

Ok, have a wonderful Monday.