Today was a Beautiful Day.

Sometimes all you need is to get outdoors.

We just returned from a long walk in a nearby park with our dog Atlas. It was the first time in many weeks that it was this nice out. Neither one of us wore a mask, although we both carried one in our back pocket just in case. Atlas was his usual energetic self sniffing every inch of grass, smiling Goldendoodle smile, and pulling whoever had ahold of his leash across the park.

At one point I got thirsty so I raced home to fetch a couple of diet cokes in a bag of ice, a plastic bowl, and a jug of cold water. Then we continued making passes all the way across the large park and each time adjusted a bit to avoid people lost in their own little world listening to music and enjoying the warmth.

Now I’m finishing a few work details before heading back out onto the front porch to soak up a bit more sunshine prior to the change in weather that is forecast. The good news is that it won’t last long and temperatures will climb back up in a couple of days. That’s what happens this time of year in the Rocky Mountain West.

Our last snowstorm, March 13-14, was a big one that gave us 24” of snow and some people called it Snowmageddon. This time I’m hoping the weatherman is right and we only get an inch or two. The good news is that Atlas likes it when it’s snowing or when it’s warm. He wakes up with a smile, is always happy to see me or my wife, and is only one nap away from being ready for our next great adventure whether that’s a ride in the car up to Costco or a long drive up into the mountains.

If only we could all be more like dogs.