Publishing my next Book


Several of you read the first two books I wrote back in 2014 & 2015, VENGEANCE & SABOTAGE. These were the first two in my Reece Culver series. (I’m currently working on a third book in the series, FLIGHT, that stars both Reece Culver & Crystal Thomas.)

Since early 2016 I had been intending to publish another book, but my work life got so busy that for a few years writing took a backseat. I kept chipping away at a new novel, but it was only on weekends. A few years (2018) back I published an earlier much different version of book 3 on Radish Fiction in Serial Fiction format. I also wrote and sold a few pieces of short fiction to a French company, and a company in the UK (For their Chat Fiction Apps).

Over the past year, I made a concerted effort to finish a new mystery thriller staring Darian Locke and Isabella Torres.

Last Friday I sent the completed manuscript for this new book, THE INTRUSION, to my editor. She’ll work her way through it over the next month or so doing her magic. Then I’ll get it back and probably spend a month or more accepting and questioning her edits to the book.

Once that’s done I'll send it back to Nia and she’ll do the final proofread of the manuscript.

The past couple of days I’ve been shopping for an ebook cover that suits the story. This is no easy task. During this process, you want to find something that is in kind with all of the books that are bestsellers in the same genre. You also want to find an image that connects to the theme of the book, or to a major plot event. My first two book covers above were created from scratch and went through multiple revisions by my cover designer.

Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash

Once I’ve settled on a cover I’ll need to figure out the publishing date. Since I’m self-publishing THE INTRUSION under my new company White Wolf Publishing LLC, I get to make all of the decisions. My first instinct was to get the book to market as soon as possible, but during the past month on many of the social media writing pages, I follow I’ve read the same observation by many different authors. They are all reporting that their book sales have dropped off since mid-April. I imagine this is due to the current stage of the Pandemic we are all in. Many of us are fully vaccinated and we are out and about visiting friends, going to parties, the park, the lake, on trips, car rides, walks in the park, traveling to other states, etc. We are all outside doing rather than inside reading.

So, once I have my book cover picked out, I plan to wait and publish this new book sometime next fall. The good news is that I will put it on Amazon for Pre-Order for any of my readers that want to buy it in advance. I will also probably publish a print version as well if there is interest in that format.

Stay tuned for more details as the process moves along. You can also pop over to my author's website for the latest information about my books.

Take care & as always feel free to comment on this post to ask me any questions you might have.