Colorado Travel Getaway # 2

The Desert is Hot and Enjoyable.

Every year in Colorado the snow finally stops falling, the temperatures climb into the 70’s or 80’s, and it seems like Summer is right around the corner. When May comes it still seems like Summer is still a month away, so many of us plan a getaway. In past years we’d go down to the Gulf Coast side of Florida for a week to walk on the beaches, play golf, and soak up the sunshine.

This year was different in so many ways. Luckily for us all, we were able to start getting vaccinated for Covid-19. I got my second shot in late April which seemed like a long time to wait since many of my friends are 60 or 70 and they’d gotten their shots and already had gone on a vacation.

Once vaccinated I started looking at trips to a warm location. At first, I was considering a road trip down to Sedona or Tucson Arizona, but the thought of driving for 12 hours wasn’t enticing to me. Then I started looking at flights to Florida, or California, and that’s when I found a deal for a trip over to Palm Desert California.

It had been years since I’d set foot in Palm Springs while on a road trip over to LA with my dad. I knew the area, but what I didn’t know was how much things had changed in 30 years. I got on Google and did some research and kept thinking how nice and hot it was there while Colorado’s weather was still on its Springtime roller coaster of temperatures ranging from the 50’s to the mid 80’s.

After driving to Denver International Airport (DIA) we parked, put on our N-95 masks, and walked into the terminal building. After checking our one big bag we went to the TSA Security line and found it very busy. Breathing through our masks seemed weird at first, but soon it was just as normal as it had been all those times we’d worn them in the past. And being close to hundreds of strangers was ok since we’d both been fully vaccinated.

We rode the train to our gate and everyone in the airport was doing their own thing and excited to be going somewhere. On the plane, the flight attendants were busy getting the passengers into seats and reminding every 5th person that they needed to cover their noses with their masks. It seems whether it’s an elementary school playground or an airliner there are a certain amount of people that can’t find it in themselves to fit in and obey the rules.

We rode our 737 all the way to the taxiway and then mother nature showed that she had other plans. The plane rolled to a stop, the skies were dark, and rain fell at a steady clip. That’s when our pilot told us we were going to hold for a bit to let the weather pass.

Finally, the plane took the runway and we zoomed up and away on our trip. When we landed in Palm Springs it was nice to be in a small easy-going airport and getting the rental car was as easy as ever. Once outside the sky was blue, the air dry, and the temperature was 98.

Not long after checking in we put on our bathing suits and found one of the 5 swimming pools.

Every morning I’d put my hat on and head down to Starbucks for our coffee, and over the next couple of days, we found our favorite parts of the Palm Desert resort.

Lots of people were playing golf in the mornings, and the flamingos standing in their decorative pond looked like a piece of art.

By Tuesday the pool we liked to go to was mostly ours and the temperature was 102.

Even the local ducks knew how to cool down in the desert heat.

Travel is good for us all. This was my first real vacation in 15 months and I’m already planning the next one.

If you’ve gone somewhere recently and want to share please comment about what you liked about your destination or any other travel tips you might have.

Until next time - Take care.