Bestselling Mystery & Thriller reads.

When you're not out having fun in the sun what are you reading?

Ok, what’s everyone up to this week?

I was just on Goodreads and saw that Harlan Coben is in the top 10 books in their Best Mystery & Thriller list.

I’ve always enjoyed his books, and tune in when I hear that one of them has been made into a movie. One of my favorites in the past was based on the 2001 Coben thriller Tell No One which was made into a French film, and was directed by Guillaume Canet. It was released back in 2006. The U.S. version of the movie came out in July of 2008. It was released for streaming in August of 2016.

I just read that Coben’s new novel Stay Close will be coming to the big screen and that Laurence Kasdan and Harlan Coben will join forces to write and produce the screen adaptation of the new book.

What are you reading now? Have you watched any good movies lately? Care to share? If so please comment.

I’ll be jumping on a plane and heading over to California in a few days for my first real vacation since February 2020, so if you have a good book to recommend let me know. This time I will be leaving my laptop home, so if I do any writing it will be on my phone.

Take care.